Our Cycling Training Center (CTC) is equipped with state of the art TACX power-based trainers. Each trainer is equipped with it's own individual computer (power meter), allowing you to monitor your cadence, wattage, pace, incline and other features in real time. This provides accurate performance information so you can gauge your performance from class to class.

Athletes engaging in the program will perform an initial power test to identify their specific training zones. Classes are conducted using these zones to ensure every athlete, from beginner to advanced, trains with the appropriate amount of stress. This means that regardless of what the Optimum Performance coaches ask you to do, you will be training at the level specific to you, leading to optimized growth throughout the indoor season.

As the weeks progress, the coached workouts become more challenging. Where you started in December will seem easy come January, January to February and so on. Through our bodies' amazing ability of adaptation, you will become stronger. With the power meters as your guide, you will be able to see your fitness fitness improving.


We offer early morning, evening and weekend classes to meet your scheduling needs.

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