Monday Night Rides

Starting in May, Optimum Performance coordinates a series of Monday night rides leaving from the Orchard Hill Athletic Club parking lot at 6:00pm. The rides run about an hour in the early season and extend upwards of two hours once the daylight hours increase. The routes change from night to night, include mixed terrain and are led by experienced Optimum cyclists. In order to accommodate all levels of cyclists, the rides are broken down by average pace, so that those wishing to go faster or slower will be joined by like-minded riders striving for the same goals on that given night. Pace descriptions are as follows:

  • 15 mph average ride focused on having fun, and learning to enjoy riding as a group
  • 17 mph average ride with steady pace lining promoting and rewarding teamwork
  • 19 mph average up-tempo ride that will challenge your legs and lungs
  • 21 mph average crazy-fast, all out hammerfest that, at times, will leave you questioning your sanity

Wednesday Night Hill Climb

Starting in Harvard, MA, our Wednesday Night rides are led by Coach Amy Gothorpe. These 21ish mile rides include a series of hills but are considered 'NO DROP' rides because after the race to the top of each hill, riders regroup and form a comfortable pace line en route to the next hill. These rides are great for all levels and abilities and will increase your stamina and strength.

Weekend Rides

Most of Optimum's weekend rides are considered 'pop-up rides' where members will coordinate among themselves the routing, pace, distance, etc. Optimum's training center is often the start/finish for these rides and many of our triathletes will transition right from the bike to the run for some added training.

Tuesday TomTen Rides

Though not an Optimum Performance ride, many of our members attend this ride and support TomTen, considered one of our local 'go to' shops. The Tuesday evening ride leaves from the parking lot at Tomten Biketown and features a varied loop each week exploring all that Central Massachusetts has to offer! There are two groups at a no drop B and B+ pace with regrouping at the various turns. Roll out time begins at 6:00 PM. Contact TomTen for more information.

The best way to stay on top of all of Optimum Performance's rides and events is to join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook. We hope to see you out on the roads!

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