While Optimum Performance's main focus is on cycling, may of our members are accomplished duathletes or triathletes. Commonly finishing atop the podiums of races varying from sprint to Ironman distances, our multi-sport athletes comprise a vital piece of our membership.


Since the cycling leg of many multi-sport races is often the longest, it is also the best opportunity for athletes to cut their overall race time. While many cyclists train on road bikes in the studio, our triathletes will often train on their Tri bikes throughout the off-season, preparing their bodies for the proper positioning come outdoor season. This also allows athletes who wish to compete in a race elsewhere in the country or world to do so despite not being able to ride outside during the New England winters.

During our local race season, our athletes will typically coordinate who is attending various races in an effort to set up the 'Optimum Zone' where athletes and family members can gather before and after races for added camaraderie.

Optimum's triathletes also coordinate with each other on training rides, runs and swims. They may meet for a ride, then transition to a run, or meet for a swim and then head right out on the bike. Often times the ride portion of these 'brick' sessions will be done with other Optimum athletes who are solely looking to ride.

Whatever your personal goals, or whatever your fitness level, you are bound to find other like-minded individuals looking to train with others. Many cyclists have also transitioned to multi-sport races thanks to the push from existing triathletes. 'You're never to old to try something new!'

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