Optimum Performance has a long history of turning out quality racers. If you attend any local race you're bound to see the bright red, black and white OP kits gathered in the starting gates, mixed in with the lead pack and driving to the finish in the final sprint. While it may take some racers months on the roads to reach peak performance, our athletes are able to stay ahead of the competition during the off-season with advanced progression-based training inside the studio.

Once the outdoor season begins, many of Optimum's members hit the roads to engage in group training focused on hills, sprints, tempo and endurance recovery rides. These sessions help prepare our athletes for the rigors of intense, strategic pack riding during races.

Our coaches are also available to work with cyclists on their individuals needs to help translate what was worked on in the studio to the roads. If you are looking for race-specific training, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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